about me

Curriculum vitae

Name      Ehsan Salari

Address   Shiraz- Iran

Telephone +989173073144

Website     www.Ehsan-salari.com

Email: [email protected]

Nationality   Iranian

Date of birth 23 August 1984

Marital status Single


2010     Azad Islamic University- High power Electric engineering

2006-2008      Instrument installation, Skillful manpower training project

2008-2008     Classical Vocal Training supervised by Hasmik Karapatian

2008-2009     Choir Conducting supervised by Arax Khachaturian

2009-2013     Composition supervised by Ali Radman

2009-2013    Solfege- Harmony- Counterpoint- form and analysis supervised by Ali


2010-2010    Contemporary music analysis supervised by Arvin Sedaghatkish

2014-2014    Classical Vocal Training supervised by Hamid Khosroshahi

2015-2015    Composition supervised by Mehdi Kazeroni

2015-2015    Music pedagogy supervised by Dr. Azin Movahed, Dr. Mohammad Reza Azadehfar

                       And Naser Nazar at Shiraz Culture and Art University

2016-2016    Classical Vocal Training supervised by Mario Tagadosi

2017-2017    Orchestra conducting supervised by Erol Erdinch

2017-2017    Orchestra Conducting supervised by Maestro Ali Rahbari

2017-2017    Orchestra Conducting Techniques supervised by Wolfgang Wengenroth

2017-present Orchestra Conducting Techniques supervised by Nasir Heydarian Rasti

2019-2019      Vocal pedagogy supervised by Hasmik Karapatian

2020-2020       Form and Analysis supervised by Mohammadreza Tafazooli

2021-present     Analysis and Music Performing supervised by Hooshyar Khayam

2021- present   Composition supervised by Hooshyar Khayam

2022-2022      Orchestration supervised by Amin Honarmand

2022-2022      Orchestra Conducting supervised by Wolfgang Weng Enroth

2022-present Piano course supervised by Aqdas Kamal Purtorab